If your intuition says that your corporate workshops are not up to your mark, it could very likely be because your surroundings are as motivating as your presentation. With a uniquely versatile and customizable seminar and event spaces, you are sure to give it your best.


Product launches can be a make or break moment for your company, and we understand the need to break through the market and steal shine brighter than your competitors. Creating a loyal consumer base should be done with care and choosing the venue is pivotal.


Would you rather attend a business retreat on the tranquil hills of the Himalayas or in the conference hall down the street? Let us help you chose a location that helps boost attendee engagement and enhance your conference to the best it can be.


The naturalistic and Indie local mingled with a modern ambiance can bring a unique flair to your press releases. Allow us to make your first step with the public a memorable one.


With the green surroundings mixed with a historic vintage ambiance, Gubbi Goodu lets your guest truly experience India. Sharing your groundbreaking ideas and opinions, it is an ideal spot for NRI meets.


Board meetings can be boring even for some high stakes’ businessmen, so keep your venue fresh and memorable with the help of Gubbi Goodu


Are you searching for a sensational and one-of-a-kind indoor stage? Maybe an eco-friendly outdoor stadium? The public platform that suits your energy will bring out your inner voice. Enthrall your crowd at this special venue.


Team building activities are best enjoyed away from the busy hustle of life; away from the noise roar of traffic and in as serene a spot as possible. Goobi Goodu can bring an interesting setting to encourage strong workplace relationships.


It can be Beneficial to take a break from the same old daily office and have your strategic meetings in the fresh open air. A new setting can create new ideas that would have been invisible if you were boxed indoors all day and Goobi Goodu is here to help.


Here at the Gubbi Goodu resort, we strive to keep our guests smiling. We help organise and conduct several events such as wedding receptions, photoshoots, lifestyle occasions and several classes and camps. With our dedicated staff and beautiful venue, our customers will never leave disappointed. Of the 8 acres of space we provide, we have dedicated 4 acres to farming and animal husbandry which is a testament to our dedication to sustainability. At Gubbi Goodu we follow a strict farm to fork policy. We serve wholesome vegetarian food freshly grown on our farm and prepare it to our clients needs. As a part of our sustainability movement, we do not use chlorine in our rain dance and swimming pool water and instead opt for clean fresh water. The serenity and peace at Gubbi Goodu resorts can certainly help one find inner peace. Here our clients become one with nature. Keeping in mind our younger clients, we have several pet animals such as rabbits, sparrows and cows and we also provide guided tours of our farm to keep them entertained. At Gubbi Goodu we are driven to provide our clients with the complete wellness package and our dedicated yoga area is a step in that direction.

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