Live music indicates is loved by one and all but particularly in Bangalore. It is getting harder and harder to find the right setting to suit your performance. The ambiance must be just right to compliment your style and our fully customizable venues are more than capable of meeting your standards.


Modern plays are becoming increasingly elaborate, some of them even involve running willy-nilly among the audience! Pick a venue that can host your creative spirit, and don’t cut corners in your expression due to logistics.


DJ’s rely on the perfect environment to enhance their show. Imagine a DJ playing electronic dance music under the bright summer sun. It just doesn’t work! Your scene must have the most hyped-up crowd and an environment that can support your style of fun.


Carnivals mean good music, good food, rich culture, and arguably more importantly community bonding in the great outdoors. Some people who seldom see the light of the sun have now come out to enjoy a festive carnival. Make sure your carnival is up to the standards of your visitors with Gubbi Goodu.


We are proud of our sacred culture and rightfully so. Don’t tarnish it by setting up your cultural events in a local that cannot manage the splendor you have to offer. One of our many hand-picked historical landmarks is sure to be perfectly suited for your entertaining events.


Comedy can mend bonds that time could not forget. Enjoy the best plays, films, stand-up shows, workshops, and exhibitions in the right frame of mind with the help of our tireless set planners


Most bands have a tough time finding the gig spot that works for their genre. We have made the experience a cakewalk with an ample selection of spots that support elaborate fireworks as well as intimate gatherings.


The dance scene in India can be described as an intimate and exclusive experience that must be felt with all your senses to appreciate it in all its glory. Chose a place that compliments your performance with Gubbi Goodu.


Here at the Gubbi Goodu resort, we strive to keep our guests smiling. We help organise and conduct several events such as wedding receptions, photoshoots, lifestyle occasions and several classes and camps. With our dedicated staff and beautiful venue, our customers will never leave disappointed. Of the 8 acres of space we provide, we have dedicated 4 acres to farming and animal husbandry which is a testament to our dedication to sustainability. At Gubbi Goodu we follow a strict farm to fork policy. We serve wholesome vegetarian food freshly grown on our farm and prepare it to our clients needs. As a part of our sustainability movement, we do not use chlorine in our rain dance and swimming pool water and instead opt for clean fresh water. The serenity and peace at Gubbi Goodu resorts can certainly help one find inner peace. Here our clients become one with nature. Keeping in mind our younger clients, we have several pet animals such as rabbits, sparrows and cows and we also provide guided tours of our farm to keep them entertained. At Gubbi Goodu we are driven to provide our clients with the complete wellness package and our dedicated yoga area is a step in that direction.

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