In many cultures, the ancillary events can be just as important as the wedding itself. Here at Gubbi Guddu, you can keep your mind at peace knowing that we can organise tailor made ceremonies for your requirements. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best services imaginable.


Everyone knows that the marriage of two families does not end at the wedding. The festivities continue and we at Gubbi Goodu are happy to carry out post wedding ceremonies as well. Whether it is providing catering or carrying out events smoothly, we are glad to help.


A reception is a must at any wedding. We at Gubbi Goodu are dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable reception experience. We organise everything from flowers to refreshments and help you streamline the matrimonial service.


The Sangeeth is an essential part of any wedding that sets the tone for the wedding. Here at Gubbi Goodu, we provide you with a truly mesmerising Sangeeth ceremony which will be one to remember.


At Gubbi Goodu, we help carry out the auspicious Haldi ceremony. We believe that a successful Haldi ceremony helps bring good luck to the life of the newly weds.


The engagement ceremony is the beginning of the marriage of two families. Here the bride and groom formally propose to one another. Help uplift the engagement ceremony by hosting it at Gubbi Goodu’s beautiful venue.


The Vara puja is an important ceremony that celebrates the groom. In this ceremony, the groom is given milk, bananas and gifts from the bride’s family. Here at Gubbi Goodu, you can celebrate the Vara Puja with much pomp.


Who wouldn’t want to wish the bride good health and prosperity on the day before her wedding? We at Gubbi Goodu help our clients carry out beautiful, elegant and well organised Mehndi ceremonies.


The Roka ceremony is of great significance to any marriage. Here the bride and groom are showered with gifts, dry fruits and blessings by each other’s families as well as well wishers


Here at the Gubbi Goodu resort, we strive to keep our guests smiling. We help organise and conduct several events such as wedding receptions, photoshoots, lifestyle occasions and several classes and camps. With our dedicated staff and beautiful venue, our customers will never leave disappointed. Of the 8 acres of space we provide, we have dedicated 4 acres to farming and animal husbandry which is a testament to our dedication to sustainability. At Gubbi Goodu we follow a strict farm to fork policy. We serve wholesome vegetarian food freshly grown on our farm and prepare it to our clients needs. As a part of our sustainability movement, we do not use chlorine in our rain dance and swimming pool water and instead opt for clean fresh water. The serenity and peace at Gubbi Goodu resorts can certainly help one find inner peace. Here our clients become one with nature. Keeping in mind our younger clients, we have several pet animals such as rabbits, sparrows and cows and we also provide guided tours of our farm to keep them entertained. At Gubbi Goodu we are driven to provide our clients with the complete wellness package and our dedicated yoga area is a step in that direction.

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